One of the main pillars of our church is that we are committed to praying for each other. There are multiple ways that we do this at Cornerstone.



This area of ministry is a unique opportunity for us to lovingly reach out to
those who are facing a difficult situation in a tangible way. Members will meet together and commit to praying for someone in need.
Over a series of weeks they will work on knitting a blanket, all while in prayer for the receiver. Once the blanket is finished,
our church will once more pray for that person before delivering it to them.
The blanket serves as a comfort and a physical reminder that they have a church family praying for them.


Who says that prayer and praise can't be accompanied by something delicious?
Our "Prayer, Praise, and Dessert" nights happen every few months where we gather,
usually at a member's house, and commit a few hours to prayer and praise, followed by delicious dessert!



Once a year we will set aside a week committed to prayer.
We meet for about an hour each day and
spend the time praying for our church, community, country, as well as the world-wide Church.


Our "60 Minutes" event is where we simply gather and spend an hour in prayer and worship.
We meet with no agenda other than to meet with the Lord and let Him work however He wants to.