A beloved event known as "Testimony Tuesday" started when a member of our congregation desired to share his testimony with the church and asked if he could do so at a Tuesday night bible study. Overjoyed by his initiative we set aside a Tuesday evening, to which he shared a remarkable story of God's work in his life. "Hmmm", we thought, "Maybe we're on to something". One by one, more members of our congregation expressed a desire to do the same, and thus was born, "Testimony Tuesday".

On the occasional Tuesday evening - about once every few months - a member of our church will share with us their story of Christ's work in their life; how they became a Christian, how they've grown spiritually since then, and ways that He's shown Himself to be real.

One of the amazing things about our Christian faith is that it's based on something real and life changing. A way that we encourage each other in our walks with the Lord is by sharing how God's impacted our very own lives.